Let Alonso Landscape Service LLC help build a retaining wall block to prevent soil from slipping and eroding. Installing an outcropping retaining wall can add further value and appeal to your home.


Enhance any area of your property with a functional pathway that provides aesthetic appeal and safe passage to your door; or enhance your patio, the central hub of outdoor living.  Alonso Landscape Service LLC are experienced at paving any outdoor area you may have.


A pergola extends your living space and increases the amount of time you can spend outside. Designed and installed correctly on your lot, a pergola can cast enough light shade to make even a warm afternoon enjoyable. Alonso Landscape Service LLC’s experience is your source to make your project a showcase.


Fire pits are ideal for creating an al fresco lounge space an extension of your home where you can relax and socialize. Much like indoor fireplaces, fire pits provide the perfect focal point for an outdoor sitting area, and they look fantastic surrounded by outdoor chairs. Give Alonso Landscape Service LLC a chance to build your dream outdoor living space.


Alonso Landscape Service LLC protects your garden soil by applying a layer of gravel to the area surrounding your plants. We use materials like gravel that can last for many years and require less maintenance. We have a wide variety of decorative stone options for your projects.


Work with Alonso Landscape Service LLC for a well-constructed retaining wall system that can preserve the natural shape of your land, reinforce hills and slopes, and protect buildings or other structures. Retaining walls are built to create different levels on your property for an attractive enhancement to your overall landscaping.


Don’t let your lawn get out of control, which will only welcome pests. Let us make a proper cut for your soil that prevents rapid growth of weeds. Mow and trim your lawn today with the help of Alonso Landscape Service LLC. Our professional lawn mowing and trimming service will give your lawn a fresh look that will last all week. 


After a long winter, people everywhere have much work to do to clean up and prepare for the spring season. Removing winter-kill and old annuals and pruning dead branches promote clean growing conditions and reduce the opportunity for fungus and disease to become established. Let Alonso Landscape Service LLC, take care of your precious garden and lawn.


Before winter arrives and the beautiful colors in the fall trees are gone, the pile of leaves accumulates on your lawn. Prepare your lawn for the arrival of winter, we cut your perennials and collect the leaves from your lawn and flower beds.
Let Alonso Landscape Service LLC take care of your precious lawn and garden.


At Alonso Landscape Service LLC, we believe trees and shrubs are an important part of the beauty of your lawn. We work to secure your complete landscape environment with stronger, healthier, more beautiful trees and shrubs that you’ll appreciate for years to come. Let us cut the unwanted parts of your trees and shrubs and maintain them in great shape.


Alonso Landscape Service LLC provides day and night snow removal and ice management to all of our residential and commercial clients. These services give you the peace of mind of knowing that when you need it most, we will be there regardless of the time of day. 


From the simple to the spectacular, you can count on Alonso Landscape Service LLC for the perfect landscape plantings. We are experts in choosing plants that not only grow and survive, but thrive in your area and your soils. We know how to install and care for these plants to ensure they reach their true potential while enhancing the appearance of your luxurious outdoor living space.


Alonso Landscape Service LLC have been sodding and seeding for 14 years.Our sod & seed installation experts have years of experience in nurturing gorgeous, healthy lawns for our customers. 


Alonso Landscape Service LLC has two kinds of mulch, shredded hardwood and brown dyed mulch. We can deliver it at your doorstep; or deliver and install to save you the work.


Alonso Landscape Service LLC is experienced at installing any kind of flower bed to enhance the beauty of your yard. 

We offer a lot of services, some that may not be listed here; if you are interested in some type of landscaping service that you
don’t see listed, call us!

We would love to help you!