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Alonso landscape services middleton wi

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Create a brick patio in your backyard, it will give you a special space to spend time with your family and friends, if you want a little privacy, you can install tile and a 20-foot wooden fence under your deck.


  • Thornbury [Alpine Grey color] Pattern A
  • Brussels Block Paver [ Sandstone color] Pattern Y
  • Series [4×8] [Onyx black color]

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You can enhance your front walkway by creating a great brick walkway design; this is a good choice for elegance and sophistication. You can add retaining wall and if you add edging, mulch and plants, that will give you a final touch.


  • Estate wall [sandstone color]
  • Brussels block {Sandstone color]
  • Town Hall [Mix of 3 colors]
Alonso landscape services middleton wi
Alonso landscape services middleton wi

Approximate Price:


Do you have a space in your backyard that you want to improve? You can go from having a boring space to having a functional space to spend time with family and friends. A fire pit adds elegance, a pergola gives you some shade and a patio will give you a perfect place to sit and relax. And all in your own backyard!


  • Beacon Hill Smooth [Bavarian color]
  • Copthorne [3 Color Blend]
  • Estate wall [ River Color]
  • Pergola (Green Treated Lumber and Post)

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